Digital Art

Master Chief and The Arbiter

Warhammer 40k “Bridge of Death”

Shaman Raider

The Elder Hunt

Rescue From Geonosis – 2012 Official Limited Edition Print

Master Chief 3

Dragon Lance

Charging The Death Star

Robo Bomber



Feng Sui II © 2015 Atlas Games – High Speed Dirt

Master Chief “Heads Up”

Feng Sui II © 2015 Atlas Games – Magic Market

Alien vs. Predator “The Wild Hunt”


Bobba Fett – 2014 Official Event Pass

The Fall of Echo Base – 2014 Official Limited Print

Death Warrior

Hunger of the Fire Stone

Eowyn vs. Nazgul

Dark Side Gallery – 2013 Official Limited Edition Print

Faceoff: Vader & Fett

Cad Bane – 2013 Official Event Pass

Fenix: Gears of War

Yoda – 2013 Official Limited Edition Event Pass


Beowulf and Grendel “Trial by Fire”

Traditional Art

Clone Wars

Horseman I

Horseman II

Sketch Art

B.L.U.E. 007

Fenix : Gears of War

Ork Warrior

Predator Scar

Princess of Mars

Saesee Tiin


W.O.W. : Worgan