Digital Art

Rescue From Geonosis – 2012 Official Limited Edition Print

Master Chief 3

Dragon Lance

Charging The Death Star

Robo Bomber



Feng Sui II © 2015 Atlas Games – High Speed Dirt

Master Chief “Heads Up”

Feng Sui II © 2015 Atlas Games – Magic Market

Alien vs. Predator “The Wild Hunt”


Bobba Fett – 2014 Official Event Pass

The Fall of Echo Base – 2014 Official Limited Print

Death Warrior

Hunger of the Fire Stone

Eowyn vs. Nazgul

Dark Side Gallery – 2013 Official Limited Edition Print

Faceoff: Vader & Fett

Cad Bane – 2013 Official Event Pass

Fenix: Gears of War

Yoda – 2013 Official Limited Edition Event Pass


Beowulf and Grendel “Trial by Fire”

Master Chief and The Arbiter

Warhammer 40k “Bridge of Death”

Shaman Raider

The Elder Hunt

Traditional Art

Clone Wars

Horseman I

Horseman II

Sketch Art

B.L.U.E. 007

Fenix : Gears of War

Ork Warrior

Predator Scar

Princess of Mars

Saesee Tiin


W.O.W. : Worgan